Friday, November 2, 2012

November Gold at heart

What we are, ----all that we are-- is, in fact, heart.  I know, many arguments may be made we are physicality; we are sinew, we are water, we are blood.  But in the end, all that remains on the face of this earth after we have left it..  is the portion of heart we have been able to tuck inside the beating hearts of those who live on beyond us.  Ancient Egyptians did not remove the heart along with the internal organs.  They believed mankind thought with its heart.  How beautiful.  How beautiful is that image, a group of humankind...  thinking and acting with heart instead of logic and calculated risk/physical knee-jerk response.

I see All Saint's weekend as a new beginning, the truer New Year of the soul.  All of us here have only a few short days to remember just what it is that creates our love's journey.

I am ready for the weekend.  No huge plans, just ready to metaphorically dance in the sunshine or shadow of the winter-warnings of early frost and the lingering melody of late warmth...  These days are brief and beautiful, November Gold at heart.

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