Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Rearrangement of Clouds

Each moment is a joy-filled gift!  Even the clouds become something utterly spectacular in the light of autumn's magic.  I love to watch the clouds and find the darkest ones juxtaposed against the most riotous blue skies.  It is a love affair with the sky.  My cousin shares this love, and we always see each other's Facebook posts dotted with little snippets of our "skies."

What a surprise this week brought!  I had been discussing plans to rearrange my little room at Mom's.  I came home from school on Tuesday, and my son was safely stashed upstairs, his truck hidden in back.  He had been there all afternoon and had somehow moved all my furniture...  Big beds, cabinets, tables.  He had put everything where we discussed as a huge and miraculous surprise for me...  I was enchanted.  and so happy!  Now comes my part:  cleaning and organizing and yes, pitching...  I did not feel well again, so I had to stay home yesterday and recuperate.  The new arrangement of the room soothes me and looks more like a room than a stuffed showcase.  I have always been the type of cleaner who doesn't enjoy a good housecleaning if I don't move stuff around.

My poor Mama came tiptoeing down the stairs, uttered a little, feeble, "Oh, my!" and turned around and found herself a little chair.  It IS overwhelming.  That's part of the fun.
Yesterday I made a special Spanish soup from the blog of dear Cielo at House in the Roses.  It was a Garbanzo Soup, and I was hesitant because I wasn't sure about all those little garbanzos.  It was magnificent and just what the doctor ordered to help us both feel better.  I ordered little blue sheers for my windows at Mom's.  They are so different.  It picks up the little blue flecks of flowers in her wallpaper.  Blue is such a soothing color to me...

Two weeks from today is Thanksgiving?  It cannot be true?  I am sooo  lost in time warps throughout my year.  It seems time moves from something in the spring to suddenly almost Christmas.  I come up for a look around from time to time throughout the year, but the majority of days are simply blurs on the calendar.  I don't much like that. I want to live more mindfully--- Every day, a gift.  Every sunrise and definitely every sunset...  I love the days, and I love the long and blustery nights when the wind rattles my windows and ruffles my new curtains...  Rearranging, in my case, is good for the soul.