Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That Special Zing...

 Fewer and fewer things come to mind when I think of perfection...  It seems as I have thought about all angles of life, I have come to adore the imperfections, the little nuances that differentiate the ordinary..  the bumps on the pumpkin....  the irregular orange patch of fur off-center on Sally's back...  But a fall day...  That is the closest to perfection I find.  On Saturday Mom and I took out for a little bite of lunch and a drive through the most beautiful woods you can imagine.  Ours at home is just as stellar...  The sunlight and the blue of the sky was just perfect.  Even with my phone camera, these pictures show just how lovely the trees have been this Autumn.
 And the neat thing is, we had to get off the main road to find them.  Sure, the horizon looked lovely when we motored down the blacktops and highways....  but the true gem was the side trip down these gravel roads in search of the ultimate landscape.  We found it...  all around us.
 And then it has rained since then for two or more days.  Blessed rain we have begged for all summer...  Although it came too late to help our bean crop, the rains will bless our fields and add to the natural health of the land.  This morning as I flew down our gravel driveway, the sun's timid pink began its whisper overhead.
 I noticed the oddest sight.  Our mud puddles had turned all pink and lavendar...  Can you imagine a muddy gravel road with pink and lavendar mud puddles?  I swear!  I would have stopped to take pictures, but I was running just a tad behind time...  I seem to lose time like an old, worn-down clock, in the mornings...  I get up early enough, but I simply putter and sputter and snooze a bit in my favorite chair.  Sometimes I talk to Mom, and sometimes I simply just be....  I usually wish for a snow day, but alas!  It is about 60 beautiful degrees and the odds of a snow day are grim.
 In five minutes my five English 3 girls will fly in here and grab the roll-around chair, begin working on their business Thank-you letters, start an essay about an extended experience....  roll their little mascara-dabbed eyes when I tease them....  and turn down my AC.  My room is freezing!  I like to get it cold first hour, my free hour..  Then I am cool for the rest of the day.  "Time to sparkle.  It's Show Time, Shirley...."

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