Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trees do not Disappoint...

Those of us who are inveterate, Autumn Tree lovers were holding our collective breath this fall.  Would our beloved trees come out of that dead, dry, dormant phase they entered after a summer of intense heat and arid treatment? Would we see a colorful fall?  I was hoping, of course, but due to the state of it all and the poor crop we have raised, I decided it might not be the fall to remember.  It is unusually special this year.

Sights such as this are not uncommon in mid-Missouri.  We have bits of trees that decided to go pretty...  bits of the same tree remain leafless, and the last part looks completely dead.  Go figure.  And this morning on my way to school, I saw a poor giant Magnolia tree with at least half of the top in blast/bloom.  What confusion among the Flora (and maybe Fauna and Merriweather, too) we are seeing this year!

I bought Mom a little heater, and I gave it to her early.  She gets up way before dawn each day and slips out to her chair.  Sometimes I hear her walker before I make it to bed...  oh, yes...  even on school nights.  She is cold-natured, and this little heater looked amazingly cozy..  It has a little remote control, so I hope she loves it...  I don't dare tell her I have had the window air conditioner on in my room for part of the night...  I love a cold room when I sleep...

Tonight I am meeting some dear friends for a little retired teacher get together.  I am odd man out here because I am not retired at all...  We used to meet, all five of us teachers, when we were teaching every year and have a little back to school soiree....  It will be fun to see everyone.  I'm sure I'll leave feeling quite exhilarated and full of laughter.  (and maybe a tinge of envy to be the only one still trudging in every morning? or relief?  I dunno...  I think envy is winning out this year!)

How are the leaves in your part of the country this year?  I don't know if the Midwest was the only section for weird weather or not...  Have a fun weekend.  It's getting closer!

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love all your pictures and stories.. your sis!!!