Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's All About the Bling.... and bling is my thing!

 I know.  I am a primitive girl at heart.  I really am.  I am in absolute love with Randolph Mercantile and its style.  I have always painted my rooms dark (when I had rooms)...  and I have stocked the homes I live in with primitive crows, pumpkins, with old side boards...  and much to my Daddy's distress, with antiqued, "ugly" wood...  But lately, and I can't quite explain why...

I am in awe of this show.  Donna Decorates Dallas is on HGTV, and while I don't think I would live happily ever after in her spaces, I do love to see the transformation from ordinary into fairy tale snappy...  This show was on last year, and I recorded every episode and watched them twice or more.  There is something about her pep, her hair, her high heels, and her confidence that is inspiring.  She manages to make "snooty" seem kind of generous, if you know what I mean!  She hangs crystals off anything she can find.  She hot glues glam rocks on every surface.  Her telephone will "knock your eye out" as my grandfather used to say.

 Donna's show was cancelled last season.  The network gave the reason that she catered to a specific style that didn't attract as many people outside of Dallas as they wished.  Well, something happened.  I wonder if they got some letters or if they reconsidered...  or if some of Donna's wealthier clients sent some incentive.
 For whatever reason, it is back on the air for another season, and I love it...  Here are some examples of the over the top, fairy tale rooms she creates.  They appeal to my inner princess.  I only know that when I watch several episodes in a row I lay on the jewelry and the glittery tops and sweaters (which, as you know, I am enamored with anyway)....  and I curl my hair!  hahaha....  That's all...  I don't redecorate, paint, hot glue, or hang prisms....  yet...  Oh, wait!  I guess the sixteen prism ornaments from Valerie Par Hill that currently and all year have bejeweled my ceiling to floor lamp are a bit Bling...  I do like to say that...  "Bling is my thing."

Have a fun and blingy week!

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