Saturday, June 2, 2012

Barns, Lilies, and Beaches

 Today was the perfect kind of weather...  warm and cool all wrapped up in fluffy clouds...  Mom, two friends, and I decided to ride over the Lake to Perry, MO, and have some lunch...  We drive by this old barn, one of my personal favorites except for the falling-down barn of my grandfather's...  I have shown this one before (In fact this is a rerun picture because I didn't do any stopping or taking of pictures today with so many in the car.)

I am also a definite lover of the lilies in this world.  For something that looks so fragile, they are little tough cookies...  Ours are blooming again, profuse, bold, and so beautiful...  Even a gardener who isn't diligent (me) can raise lilies...  and feel so very green thumbed about all of it.

If all goes well, my son and I will be driving to Florida on Wednesday.  My dear friend will move in here with Mom for eight days, and we will take a trip in his beloved pickup truck..  I still don't know how I'll board my carriage of choice, but I'm trusting we'll find a stepping stool or tool box or something.  Our destination is St. Petersburg, and I've booked us a little Mariott suite for the three nights we'll spend there.  His childhood and lifelong bestest friend is marrying his Irish girlfriend on the beach, and my son will be the best man...  I haven't traveled in a very long time, but I'm happy about it.

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Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Gayla, enjoy every minute of your trip to Florida! You are so right about your flowers, so fragile and yet, so strong. Don't you just loove it when you see your flowers blooming again?? Bet you've got at least one of your thumbs that is super green!