Friday, May 4, 2012

It's funny I should miss posting when all I need to do is to actually sit here and write a little bit about the day. inventory, book orders, big state exams... school is almost out for the summer.... Go, Pink Floyd!  Alice Cooper!!!!  This time of year I hear his flaming guitar and angry drums.... ..... .... ..... . Schooooooools out for summah! Not yet. It just feels that way. Our yard had been full of beautiful flowering trees and bushes, but I haven't planted the annuals... Grass is shaggy... All the typical stress that accompanies summer. Some of my friends love it... I managed to wonder out loud if we might have an early fall since our spring came so early. That met with unhappiness from Mom. Hey, I cannot help it if pumpkins and corn shocks always call my name! So.... Have a lovely week. Keep cool, and keep your cool... Both of these admonitions I failed this weekend... Can anyone say total meltdown? Sometimes I get the spirit! I feel uplifted and motivated to attempt a hit of that old sparkle.... Now? Not so much. Somebody has got the blues. I count my blessings. I truly do. I realize the good in my life. I really have much.... But it's kinda like this.... What has got me down is real, too.... You go up to somebody bawling their eyes out because they are armless and leg less, and you tell them to snap out of it because they should think of so and so down the road who hasn't any arms and legs and who got his nose bit off in the dark... Do you really expect that original bawl baby to perk up, clap his hands, jump for joy.... And scream, "at least I got my nose!" Nope... It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. ( but I really don't want to.... ). Hugs from someone hot and frumpy, down and grumpy.... Boogaloooo!


Anonymous said...

Not to bring you down but...Schools out for summer was recorded by alice cooper


Gayla said...

thanks! got it mixed up with "Brick in the Wall"