Sunday, March 4, 2012

A preview... English at BHS

 All packed up and waiting for the bell....  I just added the row of author pictures around the periphery of my classroom for fourth quarter...  It takes something new and "improved" for this quarter to get out of the hangar!  Some of my kids asked me if all those "eerie eyes" didn't bother me...  I don't think so...  but possibly it's because I love authors...  What might I feel if those were mathematical wizards?   or scientists?

I have been reworking little quadrants of my room...  Yesterday it was my desk.  This "HEAVY" drawer has all my teacher materials...  It is weighty with its ponderous load of wisdom....  How often I have fixed it to be handy, but my systems almost always disintegrate...  Maintenance of organization...  Why don't things just stay PUT?

 Tucked into the whimsical flower/shamrock arrangement are tons of pencils I buy/find/beg/steal? for the students..  NO Excuses!  "NO prisoners."......  The snowflake tin has tissue (looks much classier than a roll of it on my desk like a corner outhouse...)
 I embellished one folder today...  I saw this tutorial on Cozy Little House blog.  It was so much fun...  Why did I  never think of this before?
 These are fuzzy pictures for that warm, fuzzy feeling...  and also due to the phone settings in fluorescent lighting...  Not a match...  Have a fun day..  I would heartily recommend making something pretty, fabulous, and YOURS today in your area...  It has worked miracles with my mood this week....

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