Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living the life...

Once upon a time I found a quote that said something about being happy to live my life traveling if I had another life to live at home. I immediately loved it because I adore being at home. Two of my all-time favorite weeks were the ones spent at home... One a few years back when a blizzard kept me in for about nine days... That was the year I began. Blogging.

And before that I loved the week I spent curled up in my big comfy wing chair recuperating from dry sockets and wisdom tooth surgery... I know.. The pain WAS Horrible, but being all cozy with nobody expecting something was delicious... People say I will regret feeling like this if I grow old and HAVE to stay home all the time.... I grant them that... With all that said, I truly believe n living in the now. We have today to enjoy. Or to make the best of. I recently began an experiment of trying to be where I am, To really listen to people, to really care about some more of the current details. To bring some of the best of the past into the conversation, but to stop dwelling in it... To make solid, good plans for the future without skipping today. Let me say that the new practice is a blessing, and it is sweet.... But it is exhausting. It demands that I sometimes stop and admit I'm tired, and I need to be good to myself and rest... It's a work in progress, just like our lives. Have a beautiful Sunday... Find something beautiful to fill your day. Blessings!

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