Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Touch of Spring

It's here in the air...  I feel it even in the midst of a cold misty morning...  I suppose since we have been blessed with the mildest winter (so far) of my memory, we must be pushing the envelope.  I know I am, and that's unusual for me, the inveterate winter-lovin' woman that I am.

I made a batch of corn chowder from Pioneer woman for Tuesday night's menu.  I recommend it!  I used frozen white kernel corn instead of the fresh...  and I used regular 2 percent and a mashed, peeled baked potato instead of cream...  You can find the recipe HERE.  This is her picture, but mine looked just the same... even to the little freckles of pepper!!!

Tonight my friend is coming for a pizza and Survivor Season ? on television...  Your tribe has spoken!  I have a killer "Survivor" Unit for World Literature...  I used it a few years back, and it was fun except it made my kids mad at each other...  We are truly only a few inches past all that barbaric-ness anyway...  I fear.

Have a great weekend.  Start it early with a great drink or special coffee in the morning...  I plan to!

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W. Latane Barton said...

Ah, spring and wonderful food and a promise of warmer weather. You have me full of anticipation!!