Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kitchen Post

 Another nod to Easter in our kitchen...  These little chickies are a new addition from Randolph Mercantile.  I had the basket and eggs, and the beautiful quilted hen is a treasure from my grandmother's hands...  She is quite proud of all her "babies" this spring!  I like the way the winter's picture in the background echoes what's happening with our weather.  One day is sunny and tempting, the next it's spitting snow!
  I had to add this delicious recipe I found online at Martha's Vineyard Inn:  "Nantucket Pie."  I am currently on a Susan Branch Blog "fling," so anything Martha's Vineyard is high on my priorities. This Inn happens to be in Michigan, but the name caught my eye...  How beautiful! This recipe is perfect for three actually with some fruit and a bit of raisin toast...   If you haven't visited Susan's blog, check it out on my sidebar or with the above link.  I am having so much fun "meeting" with her and watching her little kitties at play... Life seems beautiful on the island...
and right here in Mom's warm, toasty kitchen...  Come over for a cup of tea!  As you can see, I have a golden tin of Harney and Son's Royal Tea tucked in behind the nest...  It's a fairy-tale treat created for William and Kate's  wedding...  Ah....  another post!

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W. Latane Barton said...

Sweet hen and chicks. Boy, it won't be long til Easter, will it?