Monday, January 30, 2012

What is my word?

January is coming to an end. Everyone is looking forward to Valentine's Day.... Today had a temperature of 65 degrees. Nice snow on Friday night...  And I am still trying to think what my word for the year might be... The holiday decor is mostly tucked away, but here and there linger the angels, shepherds, the gingerbread kitchen....I tell myself that the nativity lasts all year, that gingerbread is winter, not holiday.... But I recognize a liar even in my own nightgown.... Today I felt under the weather, stayed home..... Tomorrow I have to get back in the Groove. I need to embrace all the wonderful new ideas around me. Stand back! Maybe my word needs to be "wake up."  Other ideas for word of the year: gratitude, determine, grace, listen, enlighten, preserve, or..... Even go-with-the-flow.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

You will find it..or the word will find you. I had a slow start to 2012 but I'm hoping Feb will find me with more energy and getting more 'change' done around my home....yep my word for 2012 is Change. hugs, Linda