Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day Off...Practical Magic!

 It's here!  October's magical spell---
 A favorite fall indulgence....  "In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast!"

So, feeling a bit under the weather for a few days, I took a day off....This beautiful doll house reigns supreme beside my bed, and I often park my cds dvds and books in the yard for my late night rendezvous.  Since the first time I slipped off to the movie to watch this, the house, the aunts....  the love story....  they have me enthralled.   I fully expect to see all six witches jump off the dollhouse roof any night!

1 comment:

Lisa Pogue said...

Oh Gayla you have my attention. Wouldn't it be so wonderful to wakeup in the middle of the night and see those witches with their striped little socks jumping off that roof? Oh call me if it happens!!

PS I so love that house. I so love the yard. I so love the view. I so love the story....