Monday, September 12, 2011

September sighs. . . and Sunlight slips to Autumn

Every morning I head out with my satchels and a little peanut butter sandwich, a diet coke... and some new plans for another year.  I love this time of year with its cooler temperatures, the misty sunrises, and the advent of football season.

What can I say?  It has been a rough few weeks here.  It seems impossible at times to imagine how quickly relationships can be broken.  Everyone goes through a personal mourning.  We love my son and our personal losses are pale in comparison to his loss...  He suddenly had a ready-made family...  a little seven year old boy who adores him... (and calls me Ma---- running to throw his arms around us)  that little guy is ostensibly gone.  Overnight.  I spent a couple of weeks ago watching YouTube videos of trucks in snow with him.  He hugged me goodbye twice, and Mom three times.  And possibly that's the last time we will  meet.  There is a Tonka snowplow stashed beside my chair in the magazine basket just in case...  but it would be only a visit, not the same.

Personal issues don't become my idea of Oatmeal and Whimsy, so I have been just quiet.  My son's friends are fantastic.  Life is moving on.  I again call on God's Rapha healing to stitch up broken hearts.  Everyone's.  The twilight fills with cicada calls, and the angle of light slants the September-signals of autumn.  .A change and a parting again for my family.  I will post again soon.

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