Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clouds in my coffee...

 My favorite kind of day dawns with some sunshine and then slides under the cover of clouds...  even a little blustery rain to cool things off and soothe our weariness...  During these last few golden days before school begins on Monday, Mom and I have been road-tripping, girl friends have been "doing lunch"...  and then there's the wonderful late-night double headers of Scrabble with my Sweetie... @@@

 Summer has been smooth and gracious, and then, I have to admit it---  there's that indescribable tinge of happy excitement to head back to school.
We drove through Mom's favorite Amish settlements today, and it seemed they were beginning their rites of storage for the upcoming fall.  Do you find yourself shocked at the quickly passing seasons, or are you right in there with the reality of exactly what time of year it is?

If I can convince her, Mom and I might gather our energies to start setting out a bit of autumn decorations...  put away some summer laces and plump up the quilts and russet pillows from those magical totes that say "Autumn" on the side...  (My personal favorite totes of all!)

I am excited about my classes this year.  Many new challenges, I'm thinking, but still a good year in the wings. I've made my personal pilgrimage to the back to school aisles, and I've been over to my classroom to begin preparations...  Stay tuned for some pictures if I am able to ... when I get it all together before Wednesday (the first day of actual class).  What kinds of fall activities fill your hearts?  Do you have plans to travel, create, read????  I'd love to read about them.

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such peaceful pictures. I would love for fall to get here. It is still 110 and no fall or rain in sight anywhere. Can't wait to hear all about school this year, always an exciting time. Hugs, Marty