Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Callers... or the party comes to us!

Summertime evokes the brightest of colors--- sunshine orange, vivid blue skies, and a hint of pink to echo the roses growing in everyone's garden.  By sunset Mom and I were thinking the party of First Day of Summer was maybe not happening.  Suddenly we heard the hum of my son's pickup, and here!  The party had come to us as a surprise.  He, his lady love, and the cutest little prince in the world were here to visit, have a bite of watermelon picked from the gods, and play a little card game called (appropriately for the evening), IMAGINE IF. 
We laughed and laughed, totally enjoying the evening with dear, dear family...  I am so thankful to God for my family, nested here so close to me.  Nothing makes me happier than to see everyone's happy faces around my kitchen table....
Long after family has gone home for the night, don't you catch yourself picking up little bits of the party and instantly recalling a laugh, a face, or a smile of the one who left it there?  One of my earliest and few memories of my dad's father is his penchant for inviting us all up to Excello, to their beautiful little cottagey home, for an impromptu watermelon party in the middle of the evening with no warning.  Usually my cousins would be there, and it was so much fun to shuffle up to Ma and Grandad's in our dear little aqua and white Bel-Air. 
Once I remember my cousin Sherry had broken her arm falling off a horse.  She was there in her daddy's arms all night....  in her jammies!  That was way before it was fashionable to wear pajamas in public, so I thought it quite the novelty for Sherry to wear those out to the watermelon party!  Now I realize just how worried her parents, my dear aunt and uncle, had to feel...  And just how brave Sherry was to come to the party at all...

After the little Prince and my other dear ones went home, it was time to creep outside and look for those fairies I had invited...  They had been busy already, painting the sky a special hue of blue...  congregating on tree branches, singing in the balmy wind.
Some of them slipped in the house when I wasn't looking and turned on my beautiful Enya music...  Fairies love Enya!

If you look closely, you can see her there tapping her toe to the melody of Celtic music...  I have seen this fairy often.  She is very "at home" in my room!
Outdoors the ruckus began when they decided to jump from one flower bed to another!
I never speak to a fairy.  Unless of course, they ask me a question.  Then it's fair game, and we can laugh and converse until morning...  (which we did!)

They assured me the party was a huge success, mostly because of the happiness and joy left scattered by earlier family gatherings!  They promised to come again on Fairy Day...Friday.  We shall see.


Becky K. said...

Beautiful photos and it is wonderful to hear of a spontaneous evening with your son and family.

The best of times!

Becky K. said...

Referring to your comment....Yep! Sparkly, that's me!! LOL

I must do a whole lot of decluttering and cleaning. Our house looks more than a bit neglected these days. Ahem...there might be a reason for that. So....that is my initial plan.

Oh! And I need to finish and mail an order. Of course there are always about a million trips outside with the dogs....Mister is back. That is a whole story on its own. Want a Chihuahua? Oh well, if I could get him to you I could get him to his owner near Kansas City.

Bet you weren't expecting a book?
Have a wonderful day!!