Friday, June 3, 2011

Serenity? It's not just for Breakfast any more. . .

Seriously?  I have noticed a lot of blogs lately with their authors talking about the blahs...  Hey, I'm no stranger to the "blahs."  (As if you couldn't tell lately).  I just seem to have lost my MOjo in all areas:  blogging, writing, decorating, dressing, teaching, reading, crafting, chatting, entertaining...

Yesterday I got up fairly inspired to do something wonderful.  It really didn't happen.  Today, I woke up fairly sure I was NOT going to set the world on fire.  Ummm.  Correct.

Mom started talking to me PRE-caffeine about the clutter in my "so-called" room...  She doesn't like it...  It looks hideous. It is the first impression on all guests and the last because they come in my door...   Well, then We got into the truly edifying pointless conversation of just whose clutter is more obnoxious, hers or mine...  After we settled just gave up on that (!)  haha...  I cleaned out under a table in her dining room and a bit on her back porch---  all the stuff I had used as examples of her messes...  Now some of them are gone...  and my room is still the same:  (truly cluttery.  I won't lie to you blog friends, even though I do to Mom.  I hate the overpoweringly messy aura and lack of serendipity in this room...  This room is the first thing I  see every morning and the last thing every night...  and it's painful!)

My prettties don't play well with hers.  And I DO seem to have lost the magic I used to feel when I decorated and puttered and played with my things...  And truly....  I think this is a big part of it:   I feel bad for the victims of all these floods, tornadoes, and tragedies---  to the point that I just can't get them out of my mind...  I think all the deaths and miseries have seeped into the human spirit.  We are a sympathetic spirit, we bloggers...  We care...  and even when we do the best we can for them, pray, and try to move on...  the images and the soul-knowledge of what has been happening---  it aches the heart.  Forcing it down inside isn't the answer...  Bringing it to the throne of the living, healing Lord...  that's the answer.  But I don't do that as well as I could.

What is the answer?  My grandma would tell me to "paint something red."

 I know that puttering in my Mom's things hasn't helped me one bit...  ignoring the baskets, boxes, sacks, and just plain stacks of "treasures" in my room hasn't helped...  Chocolate, although a brief distraction---  not the answer.

Serenity...  in pursuit...


Becky K. said...


I wish it was the end of the school year blahs? But I know it is so much more than that. So much more. I'm sorry.

Love you.
Hoping your happiest days are just around the corner.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Your grandma rocks! :D I agree with what she said.