Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The gremlin powers...

Our winter here has gone on way longer than usual...  Our television station warned of frost earlier this weekend...  and the furnace has hummed along merrily alternating with the AC a few times the past month...  Mom's furnace, that is...  Well, earlier this week we began to hear a LOUD hum...  more of a roar...  After some checking, Mom called Wendoll, our totally lovable furnace repair man...  He arrived with the news that the old beauty in the basement had sheared a fan blade and would have to be down until Thursday.  It's the end of May, dear heart...  Do we really think we will need it repaired?  Um...  maybe.  Mom was tucked in this morning under a warm blanket in the living room when I left for my last day of school...  I think possibly the gremlins that live in all things mechanical have conspired to help us get rid of all trace of winter...  However, I am thinking the same blower probably motivates the AC, as well...  Better get that fixed, Wendoll!

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Helen said...

If your Spring is anything like ours out here in Central Oregon ... yes, get it fixed.

The photo you shared today is beautiful!!