Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunshine on their faces and dirt on the heads!!!

 My cousin called this morning and told me her pansies were outside with their faces turned up to the sun..  Well, mine were still sitting on the tape deck by the computer.  So after my morning caffeine, I asked Mom if she wanted to come out and we would set out the flowers.  Wind and all, we got these babies in the ground!  It feels so wonderful, so incredibly satisfying to plant little flowers in the ground.  My grandmothers always had beautiful little vessels filled with petunias and pansies.  They always had on aprons, and they always were happy (with good food in the kitchen.) 
 I am old enough to be them...  It hits me sometimes that  Gramma and Ma were the age I am now when I first started playing and noticing...  Talk about wisdom and serenity?  I gulp in a kind of awe...  Both of them had well worn aprons and well-used Bibles.  Their gardens were a delight, and their sugar cookies never failed to comfort. 
 I see my little garden friend has a bit of sod on his head...  He is as happy as a pig in mud then, I think....  There is nothing cuter than a little Perky Pig...@@@@@
 In case you think  I have gone all Zen on you with the stalks of barren what-not shooting up to the sky.  Two years ago I planted Blueberry bushes in these containers.  Each spring they are still green, and they branch out more and more with green leaves...  Last year I had two blueberries, which I left on too long and they dried up...  If I had only known when to pluck their juiciness, both Mom and I could have had a berry on our cereal in celebration!! haha..  I will try another year.  Another of my gramma's favorite sayings:  "Live in Hope; Die in Despair!" 
 Brer Rabbit got up this morning at 3:30 a.m. and put in a roast, carrots, onions, and potatoes in the slow cooker.  The house smells amazing.  Brer Rabbit set the table and tottered back for a nap until a decent hour...  I love working in the wee hours of the night..  I feel as if I am accomplishing something at that time, rather than sleeping..  Then, I don't mind taking a wee nap while other people work circles around me later!
I made the little chickie mat a few years ago.  Chirp, chirp....  Weather bug alert says storms on the way, and the clouds have obscured the pretty sun that warmed my back only half an hour ago in the pansies...  I think my buds are going to get a big drink!  Hugs to all...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just happened on this post while I was searching for something--can't remember what! Love pansies, identify with your blueberry success and may borrow your Zen comment. Blessings, Rose