Saturday, March 26, 2011

Along the Bunny Trail... and welcome to my Sis to the world of blogging!

 Welcome to my Sis, AKA the cousin from the cowboy snowman post, to the world of Bloggers...  She has a couple of posts with many more to come on her new blog, "From My Country Sunrise."  I know you will love her posts with her many hobbies, animals, and flowers.  I am excited for her!  and for us!
 These are the dishes from my grandmother's cupboard, her Desert Rose Franciscan china.  I always use it at Easter time, and no better day to start than tomorrow for Chicken Enchiladas.
 My mother made the cloth many years ago.  I love all the tiny embroidery stitches that create the soft fruit palette.

 Look who has decided to sit in my Easter wreath...  He can stay for a bit on the dining room table.  I bought him two years ago at Randolph Mercantile...  He is new paper mache.
 Mom's Marie Osmond Easter doll...  I bought her last year for Mom during one January snowstorm...  She is ready to bring in the sunshine...
Today was a wintry mix of snow and sun and a little sleet.  Mom stayed home, and I whipped in to town for some quick groceries, some gasoline, and a little peek at some of the homes along the way.  My cousin came down during the afternoon and evening, and we set up a blog for her...  Now I am cozying in to watch just a little bit of television before dreamland...  Hugs to all!

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Sweet Bee Cottage said...

The desert rose are perfect for Easter. It all looks so springy. Is it spring on the outside yet?