Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random love

Oh, yesterday was fun. My cousin came down early for a little birthday brunch.  She  Mom and I spent the day with books, magazines, hot coffee, and a little nibble of cookie....  Supper was over, and we were settling in for the night...  Then the phone ran!  It was my son, and he and his sweet family decided to come down and surprise us one night early.  Both his lady love and that sweet little boy are going to be gone early today, so we don't have time for a game or anything.  They brought down a game called "Imagine If...."  It was really fun, and we played it twice!  I was the definite loser on that one...   but the winner overall because I got an extra night with my son and his family.

They stayed late, and it was a blast...  Today is chili and salad and cherry pie...  Yum-o!

Tomorrow.... the forecast doesn't sound like a snow day tomorrow....  Back to Class!

Doesn't this look like spring?  Would you care for a berry?

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

THos strawberries look scrumptious! I'm glad you've had a great weekend!

Ricki Jill