Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Packer Past

Tonight I am watching the Packers play in Superbowl 45, and I'm thinking how my allegiance to that team began.  I was nine years old, and my dad told me we would be expecting a visit from his army buddy from WW2.  I don't think he had seen him since the war, and it was 1963, summer.   Mom got busy in typical Mom fashion, and we cleaned and cooked and set the table in anticipation of company.  I was excited because this family had two daughters--- one in her teens and one who was ten.  The day arrived, and we had lunch and took the family to see all the sights...  I remember we drove to show them Big David, one of the biggest coal shovels in the world....  and then Dad, his buddy Norm, the new friend my age, Binky, and I went for a tractor ride over the farm.  I kind of think we got stuck...  But what I do recall was that magic that happens when two people become friends for life...  We vowed to always write letters (which we have done off and on...  better when were little)... We would definitely come to each others wedding....  (Well, she came to mine.)  And since they were from Chippewa Falls, she asked me to promise to be a Green Bay fan for life.  It was a matter of grave importance to her, so I agreed....  Since that day we have seen each other maybe a total of four hours.....  But I sent her a note today on Facebook.....  and she remembered my promise....

Vince, Bart, Brett....  and even a Packer tree one year a long time ago!  She sent my baby boy a warm up suit 30 years ago....  and that's my story....  It isn't looking too hot for my Packers.....  time will tell.


Lisa said...


Becky K. said...

I have to congratulate you and your Packers. Sadly my Steelers fell down on the job and your guys were there to get the job done.

So...I say...Congratulations!


Becky K.

FourSistersInACottage said...

I love that story and thanks for sharing....Here it is Monday Morning and our Packers did it for us!!!!
I was soooo happy they won!!!!
What a game that was, had me at the edge of my seat.
Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters and a Big Packers Fan)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

The cheeseheads are partying now! Happy day for you!!

Lisa said...

I wanted to tell you I told your story of how you became a Packers fan to several people this week. LOVE that story, love it!!