Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold... and good weather for a snuggly down comforter...

I have been known to impulse buy..  (no!  Those of you who know me are probably shocked by this! haha...)...  But I have, on occasion, bought things I regret.  However, a couple of years ago while watching a Home Shopping Network ad for down comforters, I decided I needed one.  Well, I did.  I have NEVER regretted my sweet down comforter.  Not one night...  It IS, in fact, cool in the summer and warm, I mean toasty warm, in the winter.  Take tonight, for example.  It is blustery, snowy, and downright miserable.  The room is solidly cold..  When I snuggle in under my sweet comforter, I will be so warm and happy...  I think everyone needs one... 


Maggey and Jim said...

I'm with you on that.. I too bought one about 3 years ago and with temps at 9 this morn, it really felt wonderful.. Hope you are doing well.

Dolly said...

I agree 1000000 percent!
EVERYONE needs a down comforter!
I bought mine many years ago and have since bought each of our children, my mum and other family members a down comfy!
Its a must for winter and summer!
Hubby even has one that he uses when he cuddles on the sofa on these cold evenings!

Warm Hugs,