Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowman Luncheon

 We have been cozying in to stay warm here.  Tonight the real temperature is 7 right now, but the wind chill may get up to 15 below.  I decided last night to put a tapestry throw over the headboard of my bed since my head was against the west wall, and we were getting a gale force from that quadrant...  I was quite into the whole look...  rather like I imagine an English castle....  or a Norse lodge if it had been furs...  (the big if)...  haha..
 Today we had several over with my son for a soup luncheon.  I got to use my new Temp-tations snowflake plates and mugs.  We had chili and cheeseburger soup and oatmeal rolls, salad, and apple pie...  I did an actual water pouring test to convince Mom these mugs held as much as our goblets, so we drank our iced tea from them...  She couldn't really believe it even when she saw it with her own eyes! 
 My journal has a note to Welcome Christmas this year.  I put that in all caps the first of December....  rather than the scurrying and the behind the 8-ball feeling we usually can get.  It is difficult, and more than one person has joined me with the profound statement that next year will be different.  Still, I rather think since this year has yet to come, I will go with that early December resolution to welcome the spirit and the sanctity of the holiday even when I am certainly not really "ready for Christmas."
Tomorrow morning when I'm brushing the snow away from my drifted car and hoping it might start in the cold....  I may or I may NOT be thinking welcoming thoughts... but tonight, ready to snuggle into my tapestry-robed bed with the fireplace heater humming away...  I am having myself a merry little Christmas....  now!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the cute cups and plates. What a fun table with soup during this cold weather.

Julie said...

Sounds like fun.. but om gosh 7 degrees???? YIKES! Keep yourself warm!!