Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning's Bliss

It's early morning, and frost clings to the car's window...  I smile as I head toward school.  Something about the rush, the color, the cool snap of icy mornings in early fall send my heart and mind to thoughts of my grandmothers.  Both women were of that special mind who filled each day with activity.  They lived to serve their families.  Our lives as granddaughters met with slices of dried apple pies, with sample try-on afternoons of a new skirt in the works on the corner of a singer machine in a sunny kitchen corner.   Their mantras buzz in my head AND my heart...  "Industry is luxury....  Waste not, want not...  Never say die...  Paint something red....  People do the best that they know how to do....  Keep your head in the air....  Little bit do good; whole lot do better!"  Thank you to the amazing women who raised my mother and my father, both amazing as well...  I feel I can reach out and touch them in dawns such as these.  I wish only I had their stamina, their hearts, their cleverness, and their fierce spirits...  Ma, Iona Marguerite, and Gramma, Minnie Samantha....  I love you, dears---  more than tongue can tell.

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