Sunday, October 3, 2010

I had no idea

 Bevier is one of those sleepy, small towns.  It has its attractions, and it has definitely its limitations.  When one of our former graduates was killed in late September during a mission in Afghanistan, we grieved for him and his family and close friends.  We all loved him and had heard about his years of training, his time as a Navy SEAL, and his dedication and love for what he did.  He and his family had spent a lovely time in August together...  just a few short weeks ago.
 When we learned the Navy planned a full military SEAL funeral, we didn't realize the extent of this sobering and awe inspiring event.  Flags, guards, Navy SEALS in full dress uniform...  a helicopter flew overhead during the procession, which wound its way to Home...  His family chose to bury Adam Smith at Bevier Cemetery instead of the military one near here.  We feared the demonstrators, but now have learned they visited the St. Louis Cardinal baseball game that day.  Over 200 motorcycles and easily that many cars and vehicles made that last journey with Adam.  The town decided to line the road from the interstate through Bevier and to the cemetery.
I will always remember the support and love and impression of that event.  His dearest friend visited with me today and mentioned how shocked Adam would have been at all this. A country boy with regular tastes and interests... with no self-inflated views...  met with a hero's death and a hero's funeral.  My heart goes out to his mother and his daddy.  How surreal this had to be.

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Becky K. said...

We cannot thank these brave Americans enough. The families are heroes to me too!!!!

Becky K.