Monday, October 11, 2010

Have it Your Way??? UH.. not really

Wow.  Sunday my son was babysitting for three children under age nine.  I guess he had taken care of them every evening all weekend.  He decided it would be an amazingly great idea if we all met at Burger King for lunch so the kids could play in the playground.  So, good sport that she is, my mom decided to go (and pay) despite her sore ankle and leg (we don't know what's wrong)....  So for our meeting time at noon, Mom and I arrived twenty minutes early, AS always...  The kids, my son, his lady love, two more friends....  12:30.  We went in and found a seat.  Crestfallen face on my son. 

"Could we move to the little room with the playground in it?" Well, sure.  Limp hop and jump...  we all transferred in there (you have seen cats herded, have you now?)...  Orders organized, the kids and my mom and I stayed with the slides and kids.......  and we waited for EVER in that really loud room...  The computers were down...  The orders were backed up..  His Royal Highness Burger King never learned to write or talk...  just push buttons...  We were at a stalemate.

My son' girlfriend had to be at work 35 miles away at the Moberly Rest Home where she nurses...  at 3...  I looked at my watch.  2:15, I sadly told her...  Amazed faces...  They gathered all their charges and the finally arrived meal and took off, leaving Mom, me, and the two friends..  We promptly moved from that room.  Alas, although it is soundproof, it does no good if you are on the inside looking out...

Then I get the phone call...  It is only1:15....  Apparently I can't tell time on a round clock..  either...  My little "new" grandson? grinned at me when they walked back in, "Ma!"  he yelled, "Do you need to go back to kindergarten?"  At least we had time to enjoy each other (and get out of that room!).....  That is until I dumped a little white vat of ketchup upside down in my son's friend's shoe top....  Yeah...  I don't get out much, and now we all see why!

Have it your way today...


Becky K. said...

Oh dear! So you have days like this too? I thought it was just me!

Glad you survived!
Now back to the "sanity" of the High School classroom. lol

Becky K.

Susquehanna said...

BK is nice but you should try those Agnus (yes I meant to spell it that way.. grin) burgers at McDonalds. They're quite yummy

Julie said...

Oh my - that was funny!!! Be sure to check out when day light savings is!!!