Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things that make me smile. . .

Do you have silly things in your community that make you smile? Here in front of our Cattle and Horse Livestock, Exotic Animal, etc. Auction House.... we have a big bear. It is at the bottom of a huge hill, and it is difficult for me to get my Taurus to slow down right there so I can get a picture... Almost every time we go by on an early Saturday morning jaunt, I ask my mom (rather facetiously, of course) if she'll get out and go stand under that bear with her walker... The thought makes us both laugh. It kind of ticks her off but I laugh so much that she usually laughs finally, too... Can't you just picture it? I have a couple of other places that make me smile, and if I EVER get that one cent camera cord..... you got it! Have a fun week. My kids are upside down this week.... What is up with the matrix?????


Becky K. said...

Your poor mom.

Well, I guess she knows and loves you enough to deal with your teasing.

There are many places that bring a smile to my face around here....often it is the mules and their colts. So funny looking, but sincere.

Becky K.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

If you can't laugh, the day isn't complete!

Lisa said...

That would be a great idea Gayla, she should do that!!

Inmates were upside down this week too, as well as others, lol!!