Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great minds. . . advice from Dartha

Well, knowledge comes from many sources in this beautiful time of life, and today seemed the best day imaginable for a trip to see my girls and fellers at the Rothwell Park Lake. For those of you who follow my blog, this is the home of the fabulous Dartha, my very favoritest goose in the world... (I have another favorite Duck named Quacky, but that is another story and different photos!!!) Dartha is highly unusual, and she is quite lame, very "waddlesome" and a bit grumpy... But she has wisdom. Today she saw me drive up and begin to scatter a few crumbs out the window.. Here she came. (She is the one farthest from the camera beside the barbecue...)

Other geese eye her with caution. I have seen Dartha take a pinch out of more than one goose who dared reach for a goodie in her path. So her advice to me today was this: "Hold your own and let others know what you really want."
"Never be afraid to show people your good side...."
"Or if you are a bit angry and your feathers are ruffled, go ahead and let that show, too. Enough of this hiding it all in and then exploding later in private.... "
Dartha bowed her head as I thanked her for her wisdom -----and her presence...
"Hmmmmph... She says. If only you were as beautiful as I am, you might not need so much advice... And next time, bring more raisin bread... It's my favorite!"

Have a great weekend.


Becky K. said...

Good old Dartha!

And to think therapy sessions with her only cost the price of day old bread!

It is good to see that she is still there and keeping her place in the flock.

Becky K.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

She is very wise. her advice is so worth some raisin bread. :)