Monday, July 26, 2010

Not the typical Midwestern Day here today...

Our morning began calmly enough. Mom and I were sitting in the living room discussing whether or not I should keep my shop in town. Suddenly, a Highway Patrol Car rolled down our driveway with lights flashing. I can tell you that isn't something anyone can see without a pit in the stomach.
Suddenly several cars moved in, and patrolmen with rifles, the K-9 Unit dogs, and ATV's moved into the area. A man wanted in Georgia, Louisiana State, and now here was running through our bean field and into the woods about an eighth of a mile in front of our house.
Helicopters and airplanes flew overhead all day, but the intense heat here defeated the infrared detectors, and they failed to find him.
The dogs did a lot of barking, and the choppers dived deep in close to the treetops...
The perimeter of the farm was pretty nearly solidly partitioned off with patrol cars and vehicles.
My mom's cat didn't like this at all... especially the K-9 unit. I had made a slow cooker of Great Northerns and some cornbread at 2 a.m. this morning before any of this began... It came in handy for the neighbors who came to watch. I am taking the first watch, and Mom will probably get up at 4 a.m.... The Patrol is still prowling around the area, but the manhunt was called off unsuccessfully.



Becky K. said...

Ack! That is terrible. Now, if only they had him...then it would be exciting!

Please keep us informed.

Becky K. said...

We were woken up at 3am one time by police looking for someone in our barn! Big spot lights all over, it was scary! Another time, police tried to arrest my husband out in our woods! They were searching for a guy his height and coloring that had been seen in the area and were on our property looking. He actually had a gun pointed at him.

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

My what was this person wanted for...keep doors locked. Trish