Sunday, July 18, 2010

Changing it up...

"Dawn: When men of reason go to bed." - Ambrose Bierce
a little post and link to Words to Live by Sunday by Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry.
Whew@ It's about time for the world to get up, but I'm saying goodnight after I do this post. I see lightning and I hear that promise of thunder... plus I also hear my alarm on my phone telling me to get up and do the vegetables for the slow cooker. Ha@! I fooled it this time. I was up there about an hour and a half ago... Loveliest lunch in the world for a summery stormy Sunday... roast beef, carrots, and potatoes... a few onions and a couple ribs of celery.... Add some whole wheat biscuits, a nice lettuce salad, maybe my son's favorite broccoli, and we're done.


This was a busy weekend for me because I got the wild notion to switch things up in my little room/home away from home... here at Mom's. I ripped down the deep burgundy satin curtains that we'd bought when I moved over here, and I replaced them with the lacy ones Mom had bought in Hannibal at Hickory Stick. I'm loving the light, which is a switch for me. However, all that light brought an awesome Aha@ factor to me. This room was cluttered, dusty, and not all that cute. Sometimes the lovely darkness muffled the clutter to me, but rays of sunshine do not lie! I have been digging and cleaning, pitching and putting... Right now it is beginning to look better, but believe me, it really looked worse for a while! I'll share some pictures after it's totally done or a little further along.

Enya just popped on my Bose wakeup call.. It IS late. I have to get some sleep. My son and his lady love are coming for this so-called feast today. I will soon hear Mom as she gets up and thinks I'm a lazy so and so to still be in bed. Ah... the tale of the Ladyhawke without all the romance.. I used to watch that movie and just cry... I watched a great movie the other night called Actually, Maybe. I thought it was so cute. That little girl is adorable... Hugs and nitey night... or morny morn....

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Becky K. said...

We went to Starbucks last night and I thought it might be a sleepless night...but thankfully it wasn't.

Your comment on my post was truly funny. I agree, it seems totally weird to me to have that flowery appendage!

I must run and get some BBQ made for our Fellowship Meal today.

Becky K.