Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Stuff

McDonald's has beautiful flowers! What a reason to drive through!

Celebrating Mom's birthday this week. (and mine.) I was born on her birthday. My son brought home delicious Chinese food for our party, and I made a pretty strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I decorated it with pink daisies but forgot to take a picture. We've had the yard cleaned up, so things look a little better around here! I found the pretty patriotic bags at the Dollar Tree... I loved them. I'll take a large diet coke with extra ice please!!!! Snapped these while I was waiting for Mom at the beauty shop. Love those blues.


Becky K. said...

Well Happy Birthday to two very special ladies!

Those gift bags are great!

Of course you know I love those flowers!!!!

Have a super day.

Becky K.

Karen June Miller said...

Happy Birthday! I popped over from Becky K. How special to share your mom's birthday! It sounds like you created some special memories!

Happy 4th,