Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Search of the Beautiful. ..

Today I took Mom for a hair appointment and made the decision to roll down my windows, whip out my trusty camera, and search for the beautiful... Of course, the first thing I believed I needed for such a quest was a large sugar free/fat free English Toffee Latte. It was, indeed, beautiful.
Next I spotted a construction truck with the logo, "Pink Hat Construction." I went around the block thinking that maybe, for once, I had the ultimate PINK SATURDAY post. Alas, when I made it around the block WITH the latte, the truck had gone and left only this pink-hatted worker bee to prove my point.

The beautiful lily and this high-steppin' pigeon were colorfully waiting on the streets of Moberly. I had to get the pigeon shot through the window, so his iridescent plumage doesn't really cut it. The lilies are in the planter outside the police station. Wow. That's fighting crime in a beautiful way.

My wild geese were busily taking care of what I call teen geese. Aren't they gangly, cute and fuzzy? I found them by a pretty roadside park a few blocks away from their usual spot.

After this I read a book and waited on Mama a while. We went to our favorite restaurant for lunch and had a lovely salad. On the way home, however, two not so beautiful things happened which caused me to stop and consider the dichotomy of light and dark, joy and sadness that exists in every moment. On the lesser side, I got a courtesy call that something was amiss with our cell phone plan. On further investigation, I was told that we had "misunderstood" our plan and did NOT have access to internet as we thought with our cell phone. Uh... since May 15th we had racked up nearly 900 dollars in usage charges. I am awaiting a mercy call that they might look fondly on our predicament and charge us less or something. That seems harsh and foreboding until I meditate on the second sad thing I saw: a terrible, horrible car accident with the staff of life helicopter landing in the median and an unrecognizable white crumple of metal that was once a car. It made me instantly sick at heart and at soul. While I had searched for the beautiful, someone's life was altered forever, maybe ended. I prayed for comfort and for peace and for healing for that family in and of that car. Even if I have to eventually pay the 900 dollars for that stupid phone bill, it is nothing compared to one second of that. Life's fragile status haunts me at times. I think too much at times. And, of course, I post it all.. Have a safe and blessed day in search of your beautiful. Hugs to all.


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh, that kind of scene really makes you stop and consider life and death and the blessing of each day that the ones we love are safe and sound. I really, really want to be thankful for everyday!!!

Linda said...

How ironic when you are searching for beauty that such a horrible accident happens. When ever I see an accident I always say a prayer for them and their family. Also, so sorry about the phone I hope you can work something out that is major misunderstanding! Good luck and God Bless the person in that accident!

Becky K. said...

Oh Gayla,
When I see things like the car accident I am troubled for the rest of the day...

You did find very interesting things in your quest for the beautiful.
Not sure how I would feel about my hubby working for a pink hatted construction crew...but they are certainly memorable.

Hope you are forgiven the phone fees. Yikes! That hurts.

Becky K.

Laurie said...

Wow, I am sorry you had such an emotional roller-coaster today. Sometimes, all you can do is pray.

Take care!