Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fairy Day Approaches...

So, when did this day originate? I did some investigation, and I believe it's a new holiday, possibly created by some artists of fairy work to promote their wares!! oooh! I hate it when commercialism is driving the world!! However, that being said, fairy artists are amazing. I have enjoyed some of their work, and I certainly do enjoy all things "faerie" and magical. Midsummer's Eve is the appropriate time of year for this, so I'll go along with it and celebrate! Hey, I'm always in the mood for a reason to party. My current fairies live both here and in my home with my son. I sent a request that he bring up a few last weekend, but alas! He didn't feel well, and it just wasn't a great time for the "transport." So, these few here will have to celebrate!
Fairy music is quite amazing and magical. It sounds a lot like Enya! Oh, wait. It is Enya!
The grandmother of all fairy stories is, of course, Cinderella. This beautiful Cinderella came to live with me almost immediately. I have priorities. There are some things I cannot live without for long.
My Moon Maiden in another. I love, love, love this sculpture. It's the one thing I have replaced when Sal knocked her over. She is very top-heavy.
I surprised Mom with a Fairy centerpiece on the table yesterday morning.
My newest fairy rides a butterfly over her kingdom.

Antique beehive salt and peppers.. They look like they should live in Fairyville...

And today, Mom left me a fairy surprise of my own! Wow! Erase what I said about commercialism!!! It rocks! haha... Remember, fairy night starts at midnight... Have a beautiful, magical night with the fairies. Here is my plan: Light a lot, I mean MANY candles. Turn on Enya... Think happy thoughts... Drink a cup of Earl Grey tea in an antique cup from my grandmother. Eat one of my favorite cookies that Mom made me: Hello, Dollies! They are so rich, so chocolate-butterscothery delicious that I think they must be fairy fare for sure!

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