Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer of Space, the Final Frontier..... Stardate 2010.

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As of 3:30, it's officially over. We have a little meeting and a teacher's picnic/party on Monday, and then summer has arrived with its possibilities.

I used to have a S.I.P. every single summer. Summer Improvement Plan. In my past I set up a rigorous discipline for myself, my home, my life... Yeah. Not. so. much. I recently modified that to a more blissful plan. I truly want to make any needed changed to my life, my physical health, and my spirit... but I need to accept the days as gifts to be opened, filled with wonder, and scattered to the four winds of faith, art, friends, and family. I would love to learn to enjoy, to simply work and have fun with it.... like my Daddy.

If I were just a'dreamin', I would have a few dreams for the summer, but these aren't really goals...

1. I would love to carve a room out of the front of Daddy's barn. I could move over some of my favorite pieces of furniture, my books, and some "stuff."

2. I would love to claim the closet in the room I live in... in the name of the "confederacy" or anything that might stake it as my own. Currently, it is the happy home of my stuff on the edges and on top and loads of Christmas and holiday boxes, old lace and what-nots from Mom.

3. I would love to find a place to hang my clothes and open up this really cool and convenient door to the laundry room, again claiming a little of it as mine to put some of my beloved dishes so I could set tables with all my cool things.......

4. I would love to entertain even more than we do.

I guess this could be the Summer of Space.... the final frontier... Only I don't need to acquire the Starship Enterprise......... just some ambition and some organizational strategies.

We shall see....


Maggey and Jim said...

I hope it is a summer of dreams come true..

Becky K. said...

Congrats on making it through another school year. goes fast, you'd better call in the Jedi or something to help you do all of those wonderful projects.

Becky K.