Monday, May 24, 2010

Randolph Mercantile... Patriotic Pride

Saturday during our birthday bash, we three decided to take a little tour through Randolph Mercantile in Moberly. Never to disappoint, the place was cool, serene, and brimming with vintagey Patriotic touches... What a treat! I bought something that may be for someone else... or it may find its way to MY side table here by the computer. Time will tell...

What are your plans for Memorial Day? I am always happy to celebrate and honor our loved ones this special weekend. Brave flags fly in our cemeteries on white, wooden crosses atop every veteran's grave. We usually make a trip to four cemeteries to lay flowers on our family's graves and to pay a small tribute to their lives. As a young girl, we took huge dishpans of peonies to many graves, but now we visit fewer with actual flowers and we don't walk as far into the rolling grounds.

As you are now,

So once was I.

As I a now,

So you will be.

Prepare for death,

And follow me.

Chilling but somehow comforting.... little epitaph on one of my favorite old stones... How very true.


Maggey and Jim said...

Yes, I remember those Memorial days with the peonies. I always put flag down my sidewalk and we used to go to a Memorial day parade,in fact we used to sit on my in-laws porch and watch it,sometimes with blankets wrapped round us.

Lisa said...

I sure hope to go to the Gypsy Caravan in St. Louis, but I believe I will be lounging on a couch somewhere. What are you doing to celebrate fairy day?