Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday's Drive Through Amish Country.. .

One thing my mother loves to do is to drive through our neighborhood Amish farms, so since Saturday was one of those perfect spring days, we decided it would be fun to see what the gentler folk were doing. I want to say I have a lot of respect for our Amish friends, and I've posted about them before. I never take a close-up or photograph of them that shows their faces.
My vow about this was tested. Guess who was driving this team of two horses as they whirled through a garden patch? Oh, dear hearts, it was a wee Amish boy of about five years old... Such a mental picture I hope I never forget.

A little one room school. This looks very similar to the school I attended for seven years!!! Ooops... I am showing my aged age....
No kidding around here!
Their woods were full of these flowers. What are they? Sweet Williams? A type of violet? We didn't know.

This family far afield (below) and with my zoom (above)... We think they may have been planting potatoes? We sure don't know, but they were pretty on the spring hillside.

Their corn cribs look untouched, but I'm sure they had even more last fall.

This farmer was a good half mile away walking toward his barn... Such compliant and behaved horses just waiting for him to return.
We saw another family close to the road, about fifteen of them in one huge garden with a clothesline of dark shirts and dresses flying in the wind... I took yet another mental picture of those little ones dressed in dark greens and dark violets, the older ones in the traditional blues.


Becky K. said...

Every one of these photos could have been taken in my neck of the woods. We see these beautiful sights every day too....lovely isn't it?

You did such a great job capturing the very essence of the beauty.
So many times when we are driving I just long to pull out the camera...but I am cautious, or don't have it with me. lol

We get such a kick out of the little girls managing the huge mules or horses. Amazing!

Becky K.

Lisa said...

Where was this at? Mexico? I love Amish country in the spring and winter, I'll never forget that trip to Jamesport. Your pics are amazing, your camera was money well spent!!