Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From my Daybook

I took this idea from a sweet fellow blogger at The Enchanted Cottage HERE. If you decide you'd like to join in, copy the prompts and add your own wonderful thoughts. Be sure to link in the comments here and let us know where to look.

From My Daybook

Outside my window... a big, dusty, yellow school bus filled with happy young people, all would-be track stars awaiting their big event this afternoon. One is our foreign exchange student from Spain who will get to run while her parents are here for an oh-so-brief visit from Pamplona.

I am thinking... I shouldn't even assign papers to 109 students because that can only mean 109 papers to grade....

From my picture journal.....

I am thankful for... my wonderful friends and family.... I couldn't ask for a better gift from a benevolent God.

I am wearing...sandals already... Spring has sprung and pantihose can slip away for a few months. After all, my skirts are long!!!

I am remembering... the happy meal and game of spinner we experienced Easter Sunday with our kids and their friends and girlfriends.
I am going... to Mom's after school to watch Celebrity Apprentice tonight and turn in early again. I can't get caught up on my sleep.
I am currently reading... Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity, The Help, and an autobiography called Gracefully.

I am hoping... to get a refund on my taxes to be figured tomorrow afternoon.

On my mind... the internal debate whether to retire or teach another year. Just when I make up my mind, I consider the alternative

Noticing that... the grass is already in need of a mow.
Pondering these words... "She never needs music to dance." I saw those on a blog comment, and I have thought about it ever since. I so wish that could be said about me... I have been a pretty deep and solemn person lately... maybe forever.
From the kitchen... I am hoping for a delicious quiche with Mom.
Around the house... a little kitty that my mom feeds is lurking about waiting to have her kittens. We can't wait!...
One of my favorite things... chocolate and telephone calls!


Julie said...

Great post. I think my journal IS my blogs... The long version are the stories posted on equusgirl..ha hah ..

Becky K. said...

A very nice Daybook entry. Hope your evening is delightful and "your" kitty a momma soon.

It is never too soon to lose the pantyhose as far as I am concerned. It kills me to wear those things....

Becky K.

Tracy said...

A lovely Daybook! I love kittens. :)

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Great post and getting to know you! Thank you for your sweet visit!

Maggey and Jim said...

I loved your words. I am feeling so good about you and know that you are really in a good place. Just the fact that you can express your feeling outwardly like that tells me what a sensitive woman you are. I am not sure what I am doing but will wait till someones else writes..

Helen said...

Dear Gayla,
I believe this is a wonderful way to begin each week and you have inspired me to get to work on mine. Even if it's for me and my eyes alone ....
PS, I do dance without music ... I can hear it in my heart and feel the beat in my soul.

Lisa said...

I've thought about doing this Daybook too. you make it sound so dreamy, mine will be boring...so I'll keep reading yours. I'm catching up after having company all weekend. Goodness I didn't know our special friend fell and had surgery. I bet she hates that. Your meals sound and look soooo good. That butter cake has to be the best if Paula had anything to do with it!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

this was a beautiful touching post...hugs...m..