Friday, February 5, 2010


The Long Lane at Mom's

Out and about on the way home from school... No pics from trip to school because I needed to keep my head in the game!!!
So, this morning the silent snow had filled the yard, the car windows, the lane... our lives. We didn't hear from school, so we knew. We had to go in despite the deep and wet-slick roads. Why? I have no clue. What is it that drives the schools to go "no matter what"? I realize days made up are forever long in the spring, but so are the days we slide into there in a prayer and a huff... Today was such a day. I couldn't see the road, but I could see a few tracks. Thankfully those ahead of me hadn't gone into the ditch, so I was able to make it to school just fine.
A few sweet students rushed out to my car and began to hover around and help me carry in my 500-pound purse and I "frozen toe roostered" it into the school.. Whew! No slips.
Some of my kids weren't as lucky, and I immediately began to hear stories of cars slamming into ditches, stop signs... each other... nobody hurt, thankfully. Two boys asked me for my cell phone and they immediately plugged in their cell numbers so I could call them if I needed help getting out of a ditch. It was so sweet (but kind of a vote of no-confidence in my driving ability, don't ya think?) The parents of one family notified them they'd been in an accident. Hit by a Coca-cola truck and then by the ambulance.... Wow... not anybody's idea of a good morning!
It was party day, so to speak. We give the kids a three-hour party to honor them for making honor roll. This festivity was NOT the key item on everyone's agenda today..... Immediately we got the word we were going home at 11:30. Great. Two times on the roads before noon. Everybody's dream day. The highways were clear by then, but the side roads, the blacktops, and the country lanes were NOT.
So, here I am at Mom's... snuggled in and all the better for a lovely cup of hot cocoa stirred with a candied spoon and melty marshmallows... We are due to go to Columbia to the doctors on Monday, but that may or may not happen... In Missouri we have WEATHER... and plenty of it! Hugs to all.


Viva La Fashion said...

these pics are so pretty. i love snow. :)

Becky K. said...

Whew! Glad you made it safely there and back. How sweet that your students cared so much!!!

Stay warm and dry. We are headed downstairs for movie night. The Moms are joining us here. The big TV inherited from Dad makes us the place to be on movie nights.

Becky K.

Helen said...

As I type this comment it is snowing softly in Bend Oregon .... and in so many other parts of our country. Take care and hope you enjoyed that hot chocolate.