Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say you're having a bad day?

A little update: The UPS truck buried itself in our driveway... We have a curve that drifts fairly deep. Here we see my good-hearted cousin trying to pull him out with her 4 x 4. No luck. She pulled him out and in to the house, but he got stuck going out again. After a phone call to his boss (who wasn't really all that nice to the poor guy), they're waiting on a wrecker. But I see my cousin's husband is out there now trying again. Country people are so kind-hearted. All for a book from Amazon... I'm really worried that I can't navigate that curve, especially now, in my Taurus... ??? It looks like a herd of elephants "wallered" in it now. I don't think I'll make it now. The wind is drifting it shut anyway... Looks like it's "me and Mom" again if I can't figure out a way to get out the drive. I wish I my car were out... I could "hitch" a ride with a four-wheel drive person... I dunno....

p.s. Look at that poor concrete deer in our front yard. It is being buried "alive"! What is deer-speak for "HELP!"?

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Helen said...

Oh my .... I feel fortunate to live in Oregon and our high desert right now. Stay safe please.