Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project Complete!

Friday was the deadline for our Sophomore Class project: Cookbooks from the Heart. Whew! Despite the snow that pelted the area, the early dismissal, and the wild? parties that were blazing in honor of the 2nd Quarter Honor Roll students, the 25 students turned in their three versions of the same book... All done in their own creative flair. Some groups worked well, but most suffered the usual woes of group participation: early excitement, latent boredom, some worker bees and some down-right drones. I also assigned them a 600 word reflective essay, which they LOVED. They got to tell me what they did or didn't do and why. They got to make a double entry journal about their classmates. They got to reflect on how they'd improve the project if they were teachers. Most importantly, they had a huge paragraph about what insight they had learned about themselves, which ran the gamut of "I learned I'm lazy!" to "I learned I LOVE to make layouts and create books!" If you would like to see the essays and recipes in blog format, which we did first to make all the papers available to all, go to SHOOFLY PROJECT. I removed the last names of my students, and most of the recipes look solid... Mom noticed we turn on the oven for Peanut Brittle and never EVER use it...... haha... It's a grass roots project. Not Paula Deen! haha.. Hugs and stay cozy in the snowstorms!

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Becky K. said...

Congrats on a huge project completed!

Becky K.