Saturday, February 27, 2010

Philosophies of Snow. . . and school.... and silence....

You all know I am a dedicated "snow person," but I'm sure most of you don't know just how much. I. even. like. this. I know. I know. Would I like what the East Coast is getting? No. My heart goes out to those of you trapped with no heat, no lights, no way of satisfying the creature comforts of home. But so far, even though it was pretty weird here, I do love it. I love the isolation, the grandeur, the omnipotence of snow. It humbles me and creates within me a sense of awe, a bowed spirit to the One who created it. So, with that being said, I DO NOT recommend taking a side trip down gravel roads even to the Lake to take some snow pictures. That road wasn't good. I imagined my son's voice when I'd have to call, stuck. "Uh. I'm stuck." Where? "At the Lake." THE LAKE! "Yeah. I wanted some pictures for my blog!" Thank you, Lord, I didn't have to make that call. It was kind of slimy and kind of bad, though. But beautiful with the frozen surface of the lake and the trees. I like the shot of the trees bent and covering the road. I hadn't ever noticed that with their "leaves" on...

Even though I do love snow, I will be happy to see the spring. It has been a hard winter for a great many people, my Mom included. She is tired of the house. Although I don't think I would be, having never been "allowed" to stay in the house longer than a week at a time, I suppose I understand. Nobody likes to be TOLD what to do. I am an indoor, solitary/friendly person. I love phone calls and visits, but I dearly love bumbling about, puttering. My putter passion is squelched lately, but I remember loving it.

We had a busy week at school, although a short one. Monday was another snow day. I have a class of rather incorrigible kids, many of whom---but not all who have the reputation of being heartless, disruptive, careless, cruel, and maybe "bad." They always tell me I'm one of the few teachers who like them. I feel a bit guilty because I also have my "moments" when they are too much to take! Yesterday was such a day. We were dismissed early, and right after their class. That is a formula for chaos in itself. They sit there knowing they are only minutes from freedom, and so they begin their revelry EARLY. However, I was not to be denied with my grammar sheets... Then a little young waif I'll call Honoree comes in with her infamously made up raccoon eyes.... "Can Janera go to the bathroom with me?" Now Janera is notorious for causing a big stir... My initial response internally was, "NO. How stupid do you think I am?" But thankfully, I just said, "Why?" Honoree whispered that her grandmother had just died, and she needed a friend to talk to, to hug, to comfort her... Of course, I let Janera go. The boisterous and nosey class asked what was up, and I told them. I was floored. TOTAL respectful, shocked and sad s.i.l.e.n.c.e... My eyes filled with tears as I began to rethink the heartless part of my earlier evaluation of this bunch. They were wonderful... FOR 8 MINUTES.... Then I began to hear, actually began to listen to their muted conversations, "I wouldn't cry if Alvin (a boy in their class) died... I wouldn't cry if X died. Would you cry if X died? Maybe. I don't think so. Depends..." My faith in human nature? Not so much. My faith in my ability to read it. Reaffirmed. Those kids are some who need some mercy!!!! Lord, have mercy! (on me, too!)


Becky K. said...

If I ever go back to school I insist that you be my teacher!!!

The fact that you asked "Why?" must have been a "God thing". Love that!

Your students are very blessed indeed.

As for the snow and the lake...are you crazy?? Glad you got there and took these wonderful photos. Even more glad that you were safe.

Have a great day!

Becky K.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

The snow pictures are just gorgeous. I love to look at it if I can be inside and WARM. lol

Sounds like the children do have a heart, it just gets misplaced sometimes.

Hugs, Marty

Lisa said...

Sounds like some inmates I know, lol! This world can be really sad and unfortunately those children are our future. May they change and see the error of their ways, but I seriously doubt it.

I've really enjoyed being housebound this winter myself. There have been a few times I went stir crazy, but love the warmth and the coziness being in while looking out. Speaking of blog pictures, I almost did what you did. Really wanted a snow pic of the covered bridge near Paris. I never made it there. Maybe next year. love you...