Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Perfect Storm

What a surprise! Last night the phone rang, and it was the calling tree with the news we were off school again today. It shouldn't have been any surprise since the snow had been steadily falling all day and evening, and the snowplows were audible, as well as visible, from the highways. When I can hear them grinding into the road surface, I know the highways are a little rough. Today is cold, cold... only seven degrees at noon and 1 degree this morning when I got up to listen to the radio. How weird am I? I knew we were off, but I turned on the radio just to hear our name called in the school cancellations... It made me joyful to listen to the music before the announcements because instead of that nervous dread, "Will we? Won't we be on the list?" I KNEW...

I have developed a pretty decided upper respiratory thing, as well... So a day off is a blessing. I can't imagine trying to be heard in this voice above my freshmen... It's one of those "worksheet" or movie days... maybe a great story from the literature book. Thursday is Parent conferences, and I've been through those before with laryngitis. Not fun. I am hoping for a fast recovery.

I downloaded Beth Moore's simulcast, The Perfect Storm, from this website HERE. It is really good. Just what I needed to hear, actually. I transfer these downloads to my Zune, which is a larger kind of IPOD and not as expensive, I think. Then I can curl up in bed with my earphones, my Zune, and Beth and a Bible... Is that spoiled or what? All I know is it sure is cozy when the winds are howling and the windows rattle... I can't take a picture of that... but it's beautiful.

Enjoy what's left of the day, and for those of you in line for more snow... take good care and stay warm and cozy.... Spring is on its way. Love, love. @@@

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Becky K. said...

Feel better soon!
Glad the weather created a bit of a respite.

Becky K.