Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here it is again!

Just a few more flakes of gorgeous white stuff, folks... As my banner announces, only 27 more days until Spring! Today is sleet, ice, snow, and brrr! We had a great homecoming. My juniors "bombed" the banner, but they made a slam dunk on their Chili Supper. A lot of great kids in that class, and those parents are angels! They worked so hard, and the dinner was a huge success. I helped take tickets at the gym gate for the game, discovering that making change, snatching differing colors of tickets for different categories of humans, and making small talk was really not my forte, especially in a maxed out capacity gym... Can I spell claustrophobic? Today I am making a new recipe, Cheeseburger Soup. I'll post the instructions if it turns out okay... My son is coming to lunch with a friend, despite the weather. Yay for 4x4's!!!!!

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