Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell, Vancouver 2010

Sitting here with Mom, and we're watching the Closing ceremonies of the Olympics! I would love to visit Vancouver someday. It looks majestic and beautiful. The past two weeks have been a lot of fun. I always feel a bit sad when the torch is extinguished at a venue and packed away to Greece to await the next lighting.... My favorite Olympics will probably always be the Lake Placid one. The very mention of the Miracle on Ice brings tears to my eyes. I watched that game with my dear Gramma... When we won, she jumped to her feet and screamed, "I LOVE this game. I never saw it before in my life, but I LOVE this game!!!!" I can picture us in her living room, which sadly is now gone. She, too, has been gone for an unbelievable 26 years. The granddaughter who jumped up and down with her? I'm sad to say she's gone, too. I am not that girl any more.
Kevin Lysachek, a gold medalist on and off the ice. Such a gentleman!
And who can ignore Apolo Ohno? He should have one more silver medal. "He was robbed." But he's a sweetheart. Now I wish I had watched him on Skating with the Stars!!!!
The Night Train and our gold medal.... It almost made all that bobsled watching worthwhile!!!!
Whistler..... It was magical, dangerous, deadly, and memorable....


I am going to watch the rest of the ceremony.... I did a unit with my freshmen to try and inspire them. It had varying reactions. I think you either are or you are not an Olympic fan.... I am...


Linda said...

I am a huge fan of the Olympics! I think Vancouver has done a wonderful job with the games. USA & Canada both should be proud.

Maggey and Jim said...

We married 52 years love the Olympics and have watched it our whole married life.. Sad it is over but loved watching..I agree about Apollo, he was robbed.He never pushed that guy.. We love the downhill, so exciting..

Debby said...

I am Olympic exhausted...LOL..I am so proud to be Canadian. The games, the city, the country was all represented with great pride!