Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beastie by my bed...

In my imagination sometimes at night, I go home. I shut my eyes and imagine I'm in my own little bay window bed with the moonlight right outside my window. I imagine I have my own little kitty, Sal right beside my bed. My son's friend made this a bit easier for me to do, even though nobody until now knew I was up to this... He gave me this cool collage of Sal for Christmas. It was even sweeter because of her walkabout and vibrant homecoming... I love the bottom picture. She's reaching out to touch my son's arm and request the "petting" she thinks she has coming... I have it tucked in beside my bed where only I can see it, beside me very low and behind a candle on the little wooden hatbox I use as a bedside table.... I know it isn't real because in truth, Sally would knock over the glass of water I always sit beside my bed. I had to devise a plan at home of putting my glass of water inside a wooden pail and placing a book over the top... Sal detested glasses of water sitting anywhere. She took her paw and politely shoved them over the edge, peering down and looking amazed... "How did that happen?" she would say.... As I look at this in the photo, it looks kind of autumnal... I think I need to find a new candle ring hanging around Mom's house somewhere... But again, in the candlelight, who cares? It's all imagination anyway, right? My trip to "home."


Becky K. said...

Awww...so thoughtful!

Funny cats...they do always seem to think they are owed just about anything. But still, they give more than they get, I think.

Except maybe my Tidbit. She is such a pest. I guess her purr is her "thank you".

Becky K.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Oh, I am anxioius to see your altered bottles. I just used what I had....how wonderful to be taking a class!