Sunday, February 7, 2010

500th Post

Well, unbelievably, this is my 500th post. Oatmeal and Whimsy began Saturday, February 18, 2007, with this picture and this post:

Today was another day I spent at home, playing hooky from the real world. Maybe that is why I adore winter, snowfalls, and wintry mixes. A new day and another new start at blogging. The wind chill outside has been extreme, but today was sunny, windy, and a blowing around of the snow we've been getting. I declined to visit my little shop, Shady Peanut Lane, today. A couple of reasons: Too cold for any real customers to try to come. No desire to shovel the snow from the uneven bricks outside the shop; the beginning temperature in there is probably about 25, so it would take all day on high blast to reach about 50; and I felt like snuggling in with Sallycat in my big wing chair and watching television. I made a delicious couple batches of warm batches of brownies. Batch number two I drizzled with warm white chocolate... Yum.

Have a nice day tomorrow and be safe on icy, wintry roads. I'm personally gunning for another snow day!!! Hugs...

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Debby said...

Congratulations!! WOW!!!! 500 posts. I am having a little giveaway right now over at my blog for 100 thought I was doing good.