Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter wondering. . .

House in the Roses Show Off Your Cottage Monday
One space. One little area in my whole room is spiffed and ready for Winter.... But it's sure cute, and motivating.... Let's hope for more to come!

Short... Breezy... Crisp... Cool... That's how my posts have been lately... little substance and less interesting... It seems that's how my world has been lately, as well. I have the winter blahs, I suppose. We saw the sun today, briefly... And this week promises wind chills in the negative degrees again. It's wintertime in Missouri, for Pete's Sake!!!

I spent a lovely Saturday night with friends. Great friends that stand the test of time. We once taught together, and now only I remain in the profession. One beautiful mother is still a teacher as she home schools her children and teaches piano. Two are retired. I think perhaps I should be, as well. I witnessed tonight the results of someone who isn't ready to retire... I imagine Brett Favre would LOVE to pull that pass back and reel in his ambition and many Vikings would agree. However, having been a Packer fan/turned Favre fan, I would have to argue the Vikings wouldn't have ever made it that far without the "old man."

Why don't I retire? I love teaching, but I know in my heart I can't keep this up forever. I love my kids, and everything I see is instantly filtered through my "Could I use this in a lesson?" brainwave... Can I make the change? Surely my identity is not tied up completely with teaching? Can I make a partial living doing a part time job as something else????

Well... time for bed. Great querying must wait if I'm to get up in four hours and meet/greet the day.

Take care and have a good week. Snuggle in and keep warm!


Becky K. said...

You do have a lot to think about. Hope it comes clear soon. All I do know is that you seem to be an amazing teacher.

How about tutoring?
Or...Teaching a class or two at a home school co-op?

Becky K.

bj said...

Your space looks delightful..
Hope you are able to make your decision soon. It must not be quite time to retire since you don't seem quite ready. Hopefully, it will all come in good time.
Good luck..
xo bj