Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday!!! Yay!!

Happy Thursday....

Dartha was right by the car on Monday... I love her feathers in winter, and she fluffed her wings to show white underwing feathers... What kind of goose is she/he? Anybody know??? I know she's mean... boy, is she mean to the others, and she. has. no. friends!!! except me, of course!!!!

Since Monday was a day off, the week seems to be going faster, which is always a good thing. We decided to go with a light, airy mantel for a bit. These dolls are all from a Missouri artist named Dianna Effner. They are part of a nursery rhyme series, l. to r.: The Curl with a Curl, What are Little Boys Made of, Mary Mary, Quite Contrary, and Curly Locks. --- oops, it's after 2 a.m. Morning is coming pretty fast. This teacher needs more than four hours of beauty sleep. That's for SURE!!!!

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