Thursday, January 7, 2010

One perfect gift. . .

Next to nothing in my book is the perfect gift of a snow day. I have never been able to explain how absolutely blessed I feel when that phone rings about six a.m. or earlier, and it's my dear friend and coworker telling me we are cancelled at school today for snow... I know. We have to make it up, and that's a bummer. But that's tomorrow or tomorrow's story. Today. is. mine!!!! I feel as if I've been gifted with the grace of 24 unexpected free hours. Today I needed to satisfy two of the three or four pressing needs I was feeling.. I wanted to read more this year. New eyes thanks to surgery and new glasses have made reading once again simply wonderful.... Finding the time and making it a part again of my days... a little harder since I'm living here and since I became more "addicted" to the computer. But reading and buying new books from Amazon... delicious. Now to the second desire: staying in a safer price range. My new status a a full time teacher with no retirement package has decreased my buying power (aka bank account)... That with the predictable redline of Christmas makes this month a definite "eek" when it comes to big Amazon bills.

So what happened? Today I signed on Amazon and was amazed at the hundreds, did I say HUNDREDS? of free books for the Kindle. I have a Kindle, one of those wireless reading devices... I bought twelve books lickety split, and all are safely and whispernet delivered to my Kindle, which is happily charging in the hall. All for free.... all on a snow day.... Blessings fall like the snowflakes on me today!

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Becky K. said...

My favorite teen saying was "Cool Beans!" Thought maybe you were missing your students so I would toss that your way....

Oh, have a great time reading away all snug and cozy. My SIL got a Kindle for Christmas and loves it!

We will get snow tomorrow they say.

Becky K.